– What Is Truth And Falseness? – Let’s Go, Let’s Go

What Is Truth And Falseness?

It is the living and the dead;

It is the existing and non-existing;

It is Truth if it exists in the world,

And if it does not, it is false.

One is eternally alive and exists,

And the other does not, because it does not exist.

The former exists because it is in the world,

And the latter does not because it is not in the world.

What exists in the world exists,

And what does not exist in the world, does not.

People’s countless stories are non-existent

Because they do not exist in the world;

What is against the ways of the world does not exist.

A person born in the complete world has achieved everything;

In order to live and not die,

One’s soul and spirit must be reborn

As the Soul and Spirit of the Universe.

Let’s Go, Let’s Go


Leave behind your regrets and everything of human life,

And let’s go to the eternal and invincible land of God.

Discard, and discard again, all the many things you had in the human world,

Those things that have become greed in your mind,

And be reborn in the world where you do not exist,

In the world where there is only Truth.

Only when you are born as a new person

With a new mind and body, Are you an eternally living immortal.

Then, there is nothing of the human world?

Ageing, sickness, birth, life, Joy, sorrow, anger and happiness,

The seven emotions and five desires, These do not exist there.

And though you live, you are not within life.

There, none of the many human conceptions? This is this, that is that? exist.

God’s mind is one that has departed from all knowing;

It is the mind of non-existence.

That which is non-existent, exists,

But it is said to be non-existent because its mind is complete.

Heaven, which we have only heard of, is the land

Where those who become the consciousness of the great universe

Have gone, and it is where they dwell.

Drawings and writings of Woo Myung

Woo Myung founded Maum Meditation. For his outstanding dedication to the service of humanity, he was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by the United Nations International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) in 2002. He is the author of numerous books on discovering Truth including ‘Wisdom for Life’ (1996), ‘The Natural Flow of the Universe’ (1998), ‘True Mind’ (1998),’The Enlightened World’ (1998), ‘World Beyond World’ (2003), ‘Forever Living World’ (2004), ‘The Formula from Heaven that will Save the World'(2005), ‘The Way to Become a Person in Heaven While Living'(2006), ‘The Place where One Becomes Real is the Real Place(2008) and ‘Stop Living on this Land. Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness. Live There Forever(2011).