That haggard and patronizing guy became completely gentle and caring

I first met Ji Hun when I began high school, and because of his casual appearance and unusual behavior he seemed to be an awkward and carefree guy. But whenever we had exams he would change completely. With incredible concentration, he would take first or second place in the standings, and he also won prizes from national mathematics and science contests; causing his classmates to be envious and jealous of his knowledge. He was a level headed person who used his brain and could understand everything, and would agree with something only if he saw proof. When his classmates would ask him for answers to questions they didn’t know, he would tease them saying “How could you be ignorant of this?” And they would respond with “Well aren’t you a know-it-all!”             

But when we were in our second year at the university, I felt a change in Ji Hun. In high school his nerves had always been on edge and his health was not very good. But now he seemed comfortable in his life, and he was more caring. He even would buy me meals and helped with my laundry and packing.

“What?” I thought. “He didn’t used to be warm hearted and caring like this,” But the oddest thing was that, totally opposite from his normal character of believing only in scientific and rational things, I heard that he was doing meditation.

He said: “I realized that things that I knew could also be wrong,” and I was really surprised when, in all seriousness, he opened up to me and told me his story.

After that I frequently sought Ji Hun’s opinion. I even went to see him when I suffered hardships because I didn’t know what to do after finishing my stint in the army. I told him that perhaps because of my memories of being severely scolded by my parents when I was a child, I was not decisive enough when I needed to be, and that I wanted to throw away this mind that I had. Then Ji Hun, who never recommended anything of which he was unsure, recommended Maum Meditation.

I took his advice and went to the Maum Meditation center straight away. Because I was so stressed out, I felt thankful that there was a method to throw away one’s mind, and I did my best there. After two or three days I definitely felt that those tough minds had been discarded. What a hectic life I had led until now! I had tried to change the situations and the environment according to the way I wanted them to be, but the world wasn’t going to change to match my mind. Inside the infinite world of the universe, this little insignificant me had been trying to live its 70 or 80 odd years of life as it pleased, so it was a lonely me against the world situation.

In the meditation I threw away my mind of inferiority and all the distracting thoughts. I realized I could become the mind that accepted all situations in the world, and the mind of doing the best possible for the whole world.

Afterwards I realized that Ji Hun was a person who not only enjoyed but also concentrated on every moment of a given situation, and that was why he could use his abilities in a critical moment. I also realized that I had only been envious and jealous of his success because I thought he played around and did everything effortlessly only because he had a smarter brain than mine. I am so sorry and embarrassed about that, my friend. I truly apologize.

Holding onto a great plan inside the mind doesn’t make it come to realization. But results naturally follow when we try our best, give 100%, in any particular situation. And I think that happiness is a life in which one knows to be thankful for everything. I would like to express my gratefulness to Maum Meditation, which led me to know the most commonsensical and universal principle of the world, and to my friend who introduced me to Maum Meditation.  

Park Gun, Office Worker

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