– Enlightenment – The Sounds of Birds, the Wind and Water

Drawings and writings by Woo Myung

Enlightenment is what one comes to know,

when he comes out from his false mind world

and he becomes Truth –

which happens to the extent of how much falseness he has discarded.

Truth emerges as much as one has been absolved of his sin and karma,

and what he comes to know in the moment of realization,

is enlightenment.

When the Bible tells us to believe with the heart,

and confess with the mouth,

it is speaking of enlightenment.

From the starting point of knowing nothing,

man will come to know and be enlightened of many things

along the way to becoming Truth.

The sounds of birds, the wind and water –

the sounds of nature – give my body and mind rest,

but man’s world is foul.

People living in the world find life a struggle,

but they do not know the reason behind their hardships

because they are all living inside their own minds.

A person with nowhere to go is always busy,

uselessly and endlessly busy,

no matter how far he goes and goes and goes.

He goes where his countless desires for achievement lead him,

but no matter how far he follows them, there is no final destination.

My heart is full of pity,

because he does not know that the true world

is where he must truly go.

Woo Myung founded Maum Meditation. For his outstanding dedication to the service of humanity, he was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by the United Nations International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) in 2002. He is the author of numerous books including World Beyond World and The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living which have been published in English. His other books, Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth, Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World, The Living Eternal World, The Book Of Wisdom, Mind, Nature’s Flow and The Enlightened World are in the process of being translated into English as well as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.