One’s Life After He Has Become Real


Drawings and writings by Woo Myung

 None of the events and stories I had in my mind exists in the world; they are all illusions I made. I had stored everything in my mind, and I had lived within it, but now, that world and I do not exist, and the real world – the source – that is existence and the origin remains. I am born from the origin, and my Soul and Spirit is the incarnation of the origin. Because I do not exist, it is freedom; and because I do not exist, it is liberation and great rest. The Creator created the world and he also created man. The Creator must come to the world in human form, for all people to be resurrected as the Creator’s children in the land of the Creator and for man and the world to be born in the real world. Isn’t it a miracle of miracles that this can happen? That man can become complete and live forever is a true miracle, but because man who is false does not know Truth, he does not know what to believe and what is actually true. Shouldn’t we be thankful to the origin, and acknowledge this inconceivable grace – this debt of having become Truth, by becoming of one mind with the will of the origin, and dedicate our whole lives to saving world and its people by helping them to be resurrected and make this world a heaven and paradise?

Now that I have discarded everything and I do not exist, the world is the living heaven, and this itself is eternal blessing and happiness. My mind that had nowhere to go no matter where I went, my mind that only sought to gain, now that it has become Truth and gained everything, it does not lack anything, and all delusional thoughts have completely disappeared, and the five desires and seven sins no longer exist.

I am so thankful; there is only thankfulness,

because none of this was achieved by me, it was all done for me by Truth. Just as it was done unconditionally and without expectations of anything in return, I will live saving the world, also without the mind that I do so. Casting off the meaningless affairs of human life, and amassing blessings in the land of Truth, is what a wise person, a person of Truth, does. It is in heaven that you must have power, by amassing your blessings in that everlasting land. This is what it means when it is said, that the wise store their treasures in heaven, while fools store their treasure on earth. Because I do not exist, it is great freedom, and the world is the land without death, where one knows all the ways of the world. Only a person who lives in that land, knows man’s importance and worth, and the meaning of life.

Man who is at the crossroads of life and death should not hesitate;

he should be born in the world that is true. Looking back from that world, the affairs of human life were all foolish, and now that my false self, the ghost, has gone, there are no regrets at all. It was truly difficult to get rid of myself, and it is amazing and a relief that I have disappeared. I do not even want to look back. My regrets and sighs have fled, and all suffering and burdens have gone. I had tried to gain Truth holding onto myself, but now that I have gone, I have become Truth and my Soul and Spirit of Truth is now truly reborn. Like the bird that flies in the sky, like all things that exist in the world, I can just live, I can lay down all minds. I live having become the mind of nature. It is so wonderful, that I will dedicate my whole body and the rest of my lifetime,   to helping people to come to this world.

Woo Myung founded Maum Meditation. For his outstanding dedication to the service of humanity, he was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by the United Nations International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) in 2002. He is the author of numerous books including World Beyond World and The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living which have been published in English. His other books, Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth, Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World, The Living Eternal World, The Book Of Wisdom, Mind, Nature’s Flow and The Enlightened World are in the process of being translated into English as well as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

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