-Ms. Yoon-Jeong Shim, who has found the complete self

Ms. Yoon-Jeong Shim  who has found the complete self

Interview by Hye-Jin Kim. Photograph by Seong-Hoon Hong

People cleanse their mind to become healthy and to be free from stress.

The diligent practice of meditation and patience will lead them to these benefits.

However, is that really what it means to cleanse the mind?

Referring to Maum Meditation, it is said,

‘Maum Meditation changes the human mind to the Universe mind.’

That is, you throw away all kinds of minds

that you accumulated throughout your life and then live as the Universe mind.

The Universe mind is the everlasting,

never-changing Truth-the consciousness of the pure Universe.

How can this be possible?

There are people who have truly been free from themselves

and live as one with the world. What they did was cleanse their mind

by throwing away all of the false images in their mind.

We met Ms. Yoon-Jeong Shim (44),

who helps with the level 4 guidance at the Maum Meditation Education Center.

Yoon-Jeong Shim was born as the youngest child, in Ulsan, South Korea. She was raised in a strict educators’ family, causing her to always yearn for freedom.

Her parents watched her closely. She could not freely wear what she wanted or put on make-up as she wanted. Nor did she have freedom to meet anyone. She felt that she was overly controlled.

When she went to college, she met her husband. Her husband was a dedicated student, and he frequently moved back and forth between Korea and Japan. She felt she could be so free if she lived like him.

Right after graduation, she married him and they went to China together to study oriental medicine. She studied very hard; more than 19 hours a day.  She literally memorized every word in the textbooks. Her hard work paid off. She was always ranked first in her class and received scholarships. Even after she gave a birth, she left her child with her mother and she solely concentrated on her studies. In the meantime, her relationship with her husband had been getting worse gradually.

After she had completed a six-year-study in China, she came back to Korea and lived with her in-law’s family, but she was still distant from her husband. One day, her husband left Korea, leaving her and their child behind. She wept with hatred and resentment of her husband who made her life difficult. Also, she suffered from insomnia. Unfortunately, she could not talk to anyone about her pain. She had to suppress her emotion because her marriage was opposed by her family. For a year and a half, she struggled every night in an attempt to rest. ‘Why have I started to have pain’ then in 1997, she started Maum Meditation.

How did you feel when you first started Maum Meditation?  

I was too proud and overly confident. I believed that because this world was strange and because I met the wrong people, my life was in a tangle. I believed that my problems were just the result of unfortunate events and conditions and that I would overcome these once I got myself together. I now know that the problems were because of me ? because of my false mind ? and that I had to cleanse my mind. Maum Meditation has the precise method to do this ? to cleanse the mind. As I followed this method, I could clearly see how self-centered I was. Little by little, I moved away from my self-centered thoughts and began to see from the Universe’s point of view. Then, I could see that I had been so arrogant and hypocritical. I was the one who was jealous and envious of others’ goodness. I pretended to be kind and moral. I had nursed my mom for about ten years. When I was with my mom, I pretended that I was a good daughter, but at other times, I resented her, wondering why she had to bother me. I cried a lot when I saw my naked being. How come I only knew about myself…? I was so shameful that I couldn’t eat at all for a month. I couldn’t go out at all. I could never look up at the sky. I truly hoped to escape from such human mind.

You seem to have sincerely practiced throwing away the mind.  

The more I saw myself, the stronger the determination I had. I must throw away that existence, ‘me’. Always from the perspective of the Universe, I threw away such mind. I watched myself and every action I made objectively, as if I was a surveillance camera. Although I threw it away over and over again, dust-like mind deep in my mind. For example, if someone had kept disturbing me and bothering me, I had thoughts in the back of my mind like, “How much are you better than me?” Though, when I fully recognized and accepted my arrogance, I could get rid of ‘me’ completely.

‘Throwing me away’ sounds so vague.