In Order To Go To The True World

I can hear birdsong there are birds even in this bleak desert, as well as snakes, deer, squirrels and mice. It does not rain, so the trees are alive but tough, changed into trees of thorns.

Near the spring, the trees and grass have grown as much as they have had water to drink. People live in the desert because it is dry and the climate is good, particularly for old people who suffer from the cold or neuralgia. Throughout the long ages, everything that has lived have all disappeared, as have their forms; they have returned to nature that is the origin. Nature came into creation because within it there exists a consciousness – the original foundation. The master of the original foundation must come as a person if all creations of the world and people are to be taken to the land of the original foundation. The whole world can be saved, when everything in the world is destroyed and eliminated and only the original foundation remains. And when the master of the original foundation exists in one’s mind, all creations – the world – are resurrected and can be reborn as the substance of the original foundation. Man lives in his own mind and cannot reach the original foundation because his consciousness is dead; this state is in itself an illusion and hell. He lives in his mind world and within it, he continuously goes through the cycle of birth and death; this is suffering and burden.

If this mind world and his self living in it disappears, he can see the original foundation while he is living, and he can get there. Man can live in the land of the original foundation, only when the master of the original foundation allows him to live. What this means is that a Savior must come, in order for the world to be saved. Rebirth and resurrection is to be reborn and resurrected as the Soul whose substance is Truth; for only this is true rebirth and true resurrection. Man must go to the land of Truth that is inside his mind if he is to be born in the world, and he must be reborn in this land of Truth inside his mind. The trees in the mountains may grow old and die, disappear after crumbling into many pieces, but the Universe remains. In the same way, even if the whole world disappears, the Universe still exists.

Only when man is reborn as the substance of the original foundation of all creation can he become an eternally living immortal, and when he exists in the land of Truth inside him, he will never die. When a person has become reborn while he is living in the true land within him, his body becomes a temple. His true self lives within it so he does not die. None of the creations in the world have any minds, and thus they return to nature, but because man lives within his mind, he cannot return to nature that is Truth. He lives in his delusional mind, suffering and burdened – this is what hell is. Heaven is the world that exists outside one’s self and his mind world. When one’s mind world and self do not exist, and he returns to the true world, the master of the true world must resurrect him in that place and allow him to live there; only then can he actually live in that land.

Drawings and writings by Woo Myung