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I am a Las Vegas DJ

Steven Oberg DJ. Las Vegas

Boom Boom Boom Boom. LOL.  Well, what can I say, I love my job!  I’ve always claimed that being a DJ in Las Vegas is like having the most exciting job in the most exciting city.  As you know, Las Vegas is world renown for entertainment and nightlife. They spare no expense in their nightclubs, they are decorated so beautifully, welcome people from all over the world, contain impressive sound and light systems, and generate so much fun on a nightly basis. You know, it is truly an honor to DJ in Las Vegas.

I started this career in 1999. I remember absolutely adoring the talent of the local DJs. They had such command of so many people. People loved the DJ! They looked like they were having a great time and their personalities were so strong and confident, and I kept thinking to myself that I want people to love me like that. After practicing very hard for 2 years, I finally felt that my skill level was good enough to begin looking for jobs.

After DJ’ing for quite some time, I have developed my own techniques and habits that I use nightly to make my shows entertaining for the crowd. There is really an amazing connection that transpires between me and the dance floor. I don’t know, it’s weird to explain, but, as the night evolves, I begin to hear the next song in my mind. What I’m saying is that music just magically pops in my mind as I’m performing. It just magically appears. And I listen. I play the song that pops up in my mind. And it always works. It always a perfect fit. Many people have always complemented my performances on my great music choices. But that’s the thing that I find very strange. I actually have an explanation for this. I created my own theory that all the people at the nightclub create a common consciousness together and the patrons are telling me what song to play through some type of nonverbal communication. Connection between mind and mind, this phenomenon actually helped me to have an interest about the mind world.

I, myself, have always loved entertaining, so I really chose a great career! However, during my entire professional DJ career, there has been the biggest obstacle to overcome. It was my mind of pride and inferiority.

At the sight of so many people, I always begin the night very nervous; my palms will get very sweaty too. And also, you know, I will always have the mind that I must not make mistakes, that I must be the best. It is so funny that I have this initial nervousness inside, because you know on the outside it appears that I am very confident. There is a saying in America, “never let them see you sweat.” So anyway, all this nervous energy wears off after ten or fifteen minutes, and the night always goes very smooth.

The real problem comes after the night life. At night it is a big fantastic world. When I am within that world, it is not the real I. When I get out from that world and come back to reality, I always struggled. My pride and inferior mind became stronger. I really had a hard time relating to people and hated conversation. I felt as if something was wrong with me. Why can’t I be happy? Why? Why? Why?

I searched and searched for the meaning of life. After going totally crazy, and after being completely unsatisfied with life, I had a chance to pick up a Maum Meditation brochure. After reading through the pamphlet, my first thought was, “this is the answer to all things!!”

Really, my heart and inner being just couldn’t believe how well the words in those pages touched and spoke to me. I instantly got the feeling of hope that this could help me with the struggling I was going through.  As I look back, the unbelievable phenomena that was occurring in my DJ life actually helped me to see a glimpse of the infinite consciousness that Maum Meditation guides us to.

I have been practicing Maum Meditation now for 1 year. My friends and family can’t believe how much I’ve changed. I can’t believe it either! And the only thing that I can say is this, “Maum Meditation is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” Every facet of my life has changed and increased for the better. I have a new appreciation for life like never before. The world is one and the journey to the inside is the greatest.

I will be heading back to Las Vegas soon. Perhaps I can help guide the students in the Las Vegas Maum Meditation center during the afternoon and obtain a couple of DJ jobs during the evenings and weekends. I wish and hope that everyone, all of humanity, will begin, as I have, cleansing their mind and going towards the Truth.

I will have to change my DJ name from Steven Jaye to DJ Helper…

“I love my life!” “I love the feelings of happiness!”  I live in a fantastic world no more, but live in a real world. And I am a real DJ Helper who delivers real happiness and joy.


painting by Shin, Cheol