The Story Of Kim Kyoung-a

Kim Kyoung-a(33), a family medicine specialist at Ulsan Je-il Hospital, possesses a pleasant and bright laugh like a spring flower. She is known as a kind doctor who embraces minds, always listening from her patients’ points of view. A born-doctor, Kyoung-a, who says she is the most happiest when her patients feel better, started Maum Meditation while attending her medical school and through it, she confirmed her true path. She is researching the relationship between body and mind. This is her story of a mind-subtraction that is as gorgeous as a spring flower.

At a hospital, there are all four stages of life – birth, old age, illness, and death. I really saw many emergency patients die whenever I was on call at the time of my medical fellowship at Daegu hospital.

“At a such month, at a such day, at a such time, I pronounce someone without pulse and heartbeats as dead.”  I feel the emptiness of life when on a sleepless night, someone still dies after all the medical interventions I could possibly do was done. So I had thought many times about wanting to be at least a bit helpful person in this world while I still had a life, like this moment.

In family medicine, many patients with internal medicine issues come. I try to listen well to think of treatments for them and also endeavor to embrace their minds.

“What do I do if the illness doesn’t go away?” “What about my social life?” these fears and anxiety…. I explain thoroughly to ease their minds. Just by telling them the illness could be cured by this and that, their facial expressions are better and the treatments are easier then.

“Depending on how one makes up his mind, the symptoms are also different.”

After I started meditation and found out about the power of mind, I strive to address their minds first.  I saw many illnesses being cured just by emptying the minds through the meditation; from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic disorder to physical disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, breast cancer, leukemia, stomach cancer, etc.