Man Tries To Attain Truth Through Possession But Nothing Can Be Attained By Possession

Human life has only taught us to have and possess more. That mind of possession and attachment arises from one’s feelings of inferiority. Many seek do Truth or the Way – not for the purpose of becoming a true saint but to use what he learns from do to earn money or to trick ignorant people into thinking that they are great.

However do is not about possessing or attaining; it is about discarding. Discarding one’s false self and becoming true is do. A person who tries to possess things is foolish for he will not be able to possess anything; and he who seeks is also foolish for he will not be able to find what he is seeking. Rather, such a person will add to his burdens and suffering eventually leading to a mental breakdown. For someone who achieves something through gain or possession, his achievements reside in his false self.

The more one discards what is in his mind, the more Truth will enter his mind and the more he will be able to know Truth. If he continues to discard, and discard again, all of one’s desires – to become great or to achieve something – which arise from his feelings of inferiority will vanish. He will then be able to go to the world beyond these minds – the land of God – and everything that he had desired in the world will all be fulfilled.

Fulfillment or achievement comes from casting off all of one’s preconceptions and habits; it does not come from giving in to the greed of one’s feelings of inferiority. This only leads to committing more sins and such a person ultimately becomes possessed by greed.

Woo Myung is the founder of Maum Meditation, an author, and a poet. He has been teaching the Way to the Truth through world tour lecture every year. He is the author of many books about Truth. The English edition of his most recent book, Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever, hit #1 Overall Weekly Bestseller in Amazon and won 4 international book awards such as IBA, NIEA, IPPY, and eLit in the categories of Self-Help, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Meditation.

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