Love, Compassion And Virtue

The words "I love you" are commonly used between lovers, married couples, parents and children.

However human love is the fulfillment of one’s demands. In other words, human love is full of expectations; man cannot love unconditionally. Pure love is giving without the mind of having given. This is true love, compassion, and virtue.

Man and all of creation are able to exist because the origin, the empty sky, exists. Although the empty sky creates everything and provides man with food, air, and the means to live, it does not expect anything in return. Such is the mind of the origin. True compassion, love, and virtue do not exist unless man’s mind becomes that of the origin.

The mind that is without the thought that you have done something for someone; the mind that is absent of the thought that one has done anything at all; the mind where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing – this mind is only possible when your mind becomes that of God. When you chase out your evil, false, self-centered mind and change it to the mind of God, you can live for the world and others.

The human mind that is self-centered does not have love, compassion, or virtue; there is only the mind that cares for himself. While it is often said that we must love our enemies with compassion and virtue, we are unable to do so because enemies exist within the deeply rooted minds we have.

Maum Meditation is the practice of changing one’s human mind into the mind of God and becoming reborn as the child of God. Maum Meditation is a place where one can actually become a saint, Buddha, the son of God; the entities about which we have only heard. It is a place where one can achieve human completion.

Woo Myung is the founder of Maum Meditation, an author, and a poet. He has been teaching the Way to the Truth through world tour lecture every year. He is the author of many books about Truth. The English edition of his most recent book, Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever, hit #1 Overall Weekly Bestseller in Amazon and won 4 international book awards such as IBA, NIEA, IPPY, and eLit in the categories of Self-Help, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Meditation.

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