-Heaven, which is Truth

Heaven, which is Truth, is freedom, liberation, and endless peace, because in heaven there is no self. The various things from human life? good and bad, interesting and boring, judgment and discrimination, right and wrong, hot and cold, suffering and happiness- do not exist there. Aging, sickness, birth and death do not exist there; it is just freedom and liberation. There, one’s mind is the mind of the emptiness itself, and one just lives. His mind is the mind of Truth itself – the eternal and never-changing heaven. His self of the past is a picture and a very illusion. In heaven, everything from human life is gone, and there is nothing but Truth. In heaven, one has as much happiness and joy as the blessings he has amassed. It is paradise. This land of existence is the real land? the world of reality. The land that has been resurrected as Truth has no death, and one lives as an eternal immortal. A person born in this worldis true; he is Truth; he is existence; he does not die; he lives forever. The world is complete but the human mind does not exist, because in the world of his mind, man takes pictures of the world like the footage of a video.

The mind of Truth- of God and the origin- is the true nature that is metaphysical; it is existence; time and space do not exist in it; and it exists of and by itself. It exists everywhere and within all things; it existed from the beginning and before the beginning, and it is the immortal that will exist for an eternity after. It is the Creator- this existence itself is the great Soul and Spirit; it is the source of the infinite Universe, the origin itself; it is the mother and father of all creation. When this existence comes to the world as a person, man and everything in heaven and earth can be saved, which is the reason it is called the Savior and Maitreya. Having been born in the world, the only thing that man really needs to do is to truly live- he needs to become this existence of Truth. Only when everything has died can all creations be resurrected as Truth and live, for only then can they be reborn. The land of Truth is the land that is alive, which man cannot see or know because he does not have the mind of Truth. Human completion means to become Truth, and when man becomes Truth, he can live eternally. Truth is the place we must get to; it is the place where we must be reborn; the place where we must live.

Casting everything off means one departs from all human matters- money, love, fame, family and your illusionary self- for only then can you go to the land of Truth and be reborn as Truth. Truth itself must come to the world in order for man to become Truth and complete. Man’s mind only contains the minds of pictures taken of the world; it does not have any Truth within it. Therefore the existence of Truth must come as a person of the world, and give new birth to man and all creations of heaven and earth. This is heaven and it is salvation. Only Truth can take us to the land of Truth

and give us new birth as Truth.

Heaven is the place that exists after the complete death of your false self. While you are living you must be reborn; reborn with the body and mind of Truth and completion and live in the complete land. Only those who have gone to this land while they are alive can live in heaven. It is illogical to believethat you can go to heaven after death if you are not real and true now. What is false does not exist – it will die, it will completely disappear, because it is an illusion. Heaven is a place where only those that are true and real live; it is a place of completion, far from human matters. A place of freedom and liberation because it is endlessly peaceful; a place where there is no time and space or any delusions; a place where one’s mind is always at rest and there is only endless peace.

Drawings and writings of Woo Myung

Woo Myung founded Maum Meditation. For his outstanding dedication to the service of humanity, he was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by the United Nations International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) in 2002. He is the author of numerous books including World Beyond World and The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living which have been published in English. His other books, Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth, Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World, The Living Eternal World, The Book Of Wisdom, Mind, Universal Order and The Enlightened World are in the process of being translated into English as well as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.