The Story Of Kyung Mi Kim, Juvenile Case Investigator

Kyung Mi Kim is a Juvenile Case Investigator with the Incheon Supreme Court in Incheon, South Korea. Her job is to investigate and counsel with juveniles accused of school violence and criminal acts; and prepare legal reports which she then submits to the presiding judges. When she began this job in 2002 professional investigators for juvenile cases were not common in South Korea.

She is an experienced investigator, and has always tried to direct the children needing help and advice into a more positive way of life through counseling and therapy as needed. She believes that in order to genuinely help the children her own mind must first of all be positive and at ease. This is the story of her experiences with Maum Meditation and her work.

Some time ago I met with an eighth grade girl. She would swear at her teachers, and she had run away from home. Whenever she spoke it would always begin and end with swearing. It was literally impossible to have a conversation with her. It was obvious that she needed a break from our sessions, so I waited three weeks to meet with her again.

In our next meeting I discovered that she was a child with deep scars in her mind. She couldn’t help but watch her parents fighting every night; they eventually got a divorce. Afterwards she lived with her mother, who always worked away from home. At school she was always being bullied. From these circumstances she had learned that, in order to appear to be strong and to survive, she had to swear and curse all the time. So when a crisis arose she would deal with it by swearing and cursing a lot. However, I had to tell her that “I feel awfully sorry about your situation, but you will have to be sent to a juvenile detention center for what you have done.” She began weeping. “Why is it only me? No one else has to go. Not those who bullied me, or my parents who were always fighting, or the teachers who never even tried to understand me. Why is it only me?” It was terribly painful to watch a young girl crying out to the world.

“I don’t know your parents, those who bullied you, or your teachers,” I said. “But right now I am here with you, and you are the one I can help. If we try hard together, things will definitely get better.”

For the most part these children do not have a good home environment. They would tell me that for them the world is just “a frightening place where there is not one single person they can trust.” In the past, before I found Maum Meditation, their experiences would have made me felt sad and downtrodden also. However, now I tell them “No, that’s not really true. The world really is a good place. But the world you have experienced was not the real world. If you change, you will know how warm and great the world really is. Together let’s try hard to find this world.”

I could say this with confidence to them because I had been subtracting my mind at the local Maum Meditation Center daily. We counselors actually have to go through a kind of self healing every day. Otherwise, we would not be able to work in a positive way with people because we are faced daily with negativity in the situations we encounter and would be influenced by them. By throwing away and subtracting those accumulated minds I could always deal with people with a fresh mind and positive energy.

Three other professional investigators work at the Incheon Supreme Court where Ms Kim works. For about 8 years, she has worked both as a Juvenile Case Investigator and a Family Case Investigator (investigating couples before divorce). But as of 2 years ago, she has solely worked on juvenile investigations.